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Let’s go together

Get married, get settled, have kids, have this……. have that …ufff ….too much to handle. Does every couple need to live the same way? If you ask us then our answer would definitely be a big no. Having a routine life is something we both hate to have. We were two individuals with a burning passion to travel the world. When two people with the same passions starts their life journey together, then it is something beyond anything you could ever wish for. But certainly a thing to experience. With that very thought our passion for traveling made us the Trip Jodi.

Lets Go Together

Tripjodi Travelloger

Can't take a trip through us but you can travel through our memory lane...It all needed a start !!!!


TripJodi WoW Stays

We never compromise quality for convenience. When we choose a stay quality is all it matters. We only certifies the stays which exhibits this agenda.

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Travel Vlogs

Experience our journey through the words of our memory lane and live through our dream